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Rumana -> Where is witness.log (25.Nov.2011 11:01:40 AM)


We implemented a DAG solution with two servers across a WAN. We obviously need a Witness Server and a Witness Directory so we created that step during the DAG instalation. Also we put the Exchange Trust Subssysem in the Local Administrators group in the Witness Server

We noticed that when the WAN is out, the server in pur main Data Center unmounts its databases. We investigated and we believed is that the Server is losing Quorum. The Witness Servier is located in the main Data Center also and the server can reach it.

We investigated further and undersood that a Witness.log file is needed, however we checked in the Witness Directory and it's totally empty so we believed that is the problem.

How can we check if that is what happening?


ermanishchawla -> RE: Where is witness.log (25.Nov.2011 1:24:23 PM)

Go to Witness Directory and Assign Write Access to Exchange Trusted Subsystem to the folder if it already not there?

What is your witness server, HT, CAS or DC ??

Check event logs for relevant errors and paste here

Jesper Bernle -> RE: Where is witness.log (26.Nov.2011 7:31:47 AM)

You have a good troubleshooting guide here: Exchange 2010 – File Share Witness oddities…

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