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lemon999 -> Active Sync policies (28.Nov.2011 6:39:02 AM)


I have tried to do some research on what I can do and cant do with active synch policys and allow/block lists in Exchange 2010 sp1.

I know I can block certain devices and put them in a quarantine state. My question is can I block/allow certain OS versions to connect. For example can I block Apple IOS5 devices yet let IOS4 devices to connect?

Also is ActiveSync able to help protect against Jailbroken devices connecting in?

Thanks in advance!

jveldh -> RE: Active Sync policies (27.Dec.2011 7:24:38 AM)


Exchange doesn't offer these kind of options. Maybe a 3rd party application can help you with it but I am not sure. You might want to have a look at mobileiron


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