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jjj0923 -> migration from 5.5 to 2003 (1.Dec.2011 1:52:30 PM)

I'm beginning a 5.5 to 2003 Migration, but got stopped right off the bat with the :

Warning: Organization or Site Relative Distinguished Name (RDN) 'mycompany.com, Corp.' in the Exchange 5.5 directory contains one or more of ,=+<>#\" characters, please see Knowledge Base article Q281456 if you want to upgrade any Exchange 5.5 servers to Exchange Server 2003 by upgrading to Exchange 2000 Server first.

I've read the other thread on changing the name, but when I look at the properties for my 5.5 exchange server there are two fields and only one is editable.

Display Name (editable)
Directory Name (not editable) and this is the field that has the offending characters - in my case two periods and a comma in the Directory Name.

am I hosed?

If not - how do I change this without breaking my existing and in-production 5.5 server.

In all honestly the entire migration process looks so daunting I'm hald kicking around the idea of installing the 2003 server from scratch and manually migrating over 80 some odd mailboxes and all their settings.

any help would be truly appreciated.

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