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eagleye2012 -> Create PST file using OWA (29.Dec.2011 3:27:25 AM)

Hi all,
I am new to exchange administration.We have exchange 2010 enviroment.Our remote site users are connecting to exchange through OWA.Now their mail box are reaching to limit.Is there any way i can create a pst file of their email using owa and save it to local disk or is there a way to archive their emails using OWA.


sgarciabat -> RE: Create PST file using OWA (2.Jan.2012 6:31:16 AM)


To create a PST from a mailbox, you can do:

1.- Configure this mail account in your Outlook, and the export it to a PST.

2.- Install Outlook in you Exchange Server and by Powershell, create an export to the PST ( Export-Mailbox -Identity mailbox -PstFolderPath c:\pst\pstname.pst).

See you


eagleye2012 -> RE: Create PST file using OWA (3.Jan.2012 4:57:45 AM)

Thanks soson,

the second option is what i was looking for. few more doubts if you can clarify: it necessary to install outlook on exchange.i mean will it work if i can export then view on a pc where outlook is installed.
2.when i will export user mail box to pst,will the contents of the mailbox will get deleted or it will have no effect on mailbox.


pjhutch -> RE: Create PST file using OWA (1.Aug.2015 1:44:42 PM)

I would consider enabling the Archive feature in Exchange so older mail will be archived on seperate storage which is accessible through Outlook and OWA. PSTs can only be created or accessed via Outlook only.

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