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riverbooty -> permanent fatal errors (2.Jan.2012 12:24:21 PM)

One of our vendors is having difficulty sending email to us and sent me the following notification they recieved.

The original message was received at Sun, 25 Dec 2011 16:32:16 +0000 from [] (may be forged)

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- <>

----- Transcript of session follows ----- <>,<>,<>... Deferred: Input/output error Message could not be delivered for 5 days Message will be deleted from queue

I have changed the domain information and masked the IP for obvious reasons, but you probably get the idea.

In any event, the three email addresses listed are valid and i have had no reports of anyone else having trouble sending to them.

I am not well versed in reading exchange logs, so I don't really know what I am looking at when I open them. If you have any pointers in that regard, they would be much appreciated.

riverbooty -> RE: permanent fatal errors (4.Jan.2012 12:51:04 PM)



if it's just one party having trouble sending to you, the problem is probably at their end.

Check the following:

1) What do his own MX record yield back as the mailserver for your site? Note that it must be the DNS server being used that is also used by the Exchange server, since I've seen cases where that was checked against a different DNS server!
2) Does the returned DNS value resolve correctly?
3) Can he connect through telnet to the offered address on port 25, or is an error returned?
4) Can he drop a mail at your server through the above telnet means?

Just looking at the process step by step will help you indicate the location of the problem and see about possible means to resolve.

Yes, only one party having trouble.

DNS resolution below:
Non-authoritative answer: MX preference = 400, mail exchanger = MX preference = 100, mail exchanger = MX preference = 200, mail exchanger = MX preference = 300, mail exchanger = internet address = internet address =

the first thing i noticed here is that neither of the ip addresses returned by the mx query are not the same as the ip address in the email notification which i copied into my original post.

with regard to the rest of your points: i have not asked them to perform any tests on their end. they are a small business and my contact is not the least bit tech-savy. i thought i might try to push a test email thru port 25 from a system outside of my network. would this yeild a reliable result?

riverbooty -> RE: permanent fatal errors (6.Jan.2012 6:03:12 PM)

Thank you for your feedback. You have confirmed what I already felt was the case. It is their problem and they need to resolve it.

Jim Sharp

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