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jaysonk -> The remote SMTP service rejected AUTH negotiation GODADDY! (14.Jan.2012 10:57:55 PM)

Hello Everyone,

So the exchange 2003 server that you have will not connect to godaddy. You have set these up 10,000 time before and you, for the life of you, cannot get your message store to connect to godaddy. Well, I hope I can save you about 8 hours worth of work. If you have gotten here, then you have been searching google because you want to get out and have a decent weekend after a DNS changeover, or whatever the case may be. Well here you go...

You keep getting the error "The remote SMTP service rejected AUTH negotiation" when setting up an SMTP connector to godaddy. Check your ports, on your default SMTP virtual server. That is the problem!

Here is my scenario, I am being lengthy, so that there are as many search keywords as possible. My system was like this;
Windows SBS 2003
Exchange 2003 SP2 with all updates. Don't fiddle with redoing CEICW.
The articles that you read talk about how your default virtual server is for receiving email, well, oddly enough, that is not true. It is used to send emails as well. The default port is port 25. For email connector(in my case) you need to set your port to be 3535. Go to your Exchange System Manager, and choose your server, and then choose protocols and then choose SMTP. Your exchange 2003 server default smtp virtual server is is set to port 25, change this to port 3535 and use your default username and password for authentication on your SMTP connector. Do not change anything else on your default SMTP server. You would add the authentication on your SMTP connector. Hope this helps other folks because I am betting my time is up based on the fact that the everytime I type, I am not able to see what I type.

janejackson -> RE: The remote SMTP service rejected AUTH negotiation GODADDY! (16.Jan.2012 5:53:29 AM)

If you moved your exchange to the cloud, you probably are going to redirect your in house smtp server relay to BPOS. The outgoing mail flow will be SharePoint to smtp server on-premises to BPOS to recipient.

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