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Necro -> Mx records (16.Jan.2012 9:48:33 PM)

Hi all,

We are managing our own exchange server 2003. Currently we are using ISP A. We are about to change to ISP B with new public ip.

Before the migration, i just need to do some checklist just to make things clear.

I check my mx record, and it is in the form of ''.
The question is, how i am going to change the mx record to reflect the new public ip?

uemurad -> RE: Mx records (17.Jan.2012 12:42:33 AM)

Some entity hosts your DNS records for your domain. That could be your ISP, or it could be a 3rd-party. If it's your ISP, check with your new ISP to see if that's a service they provide (because it's likely it's part of the old package you're about to terminate). Tell them your situation and see what you can work out.

Necro -> RE: Mx records (17.Jan.2012 1:37:35 AM)

Thanks for the reply,

Someone told me that, i need to change the A recocd that reflect the MX record. Example below,

I check my domain under the foward lookup zone, it shows
mail Mail Exchanger(MX) [11]
mail Host (A)

So the A record point to the internal ip of the server. Not the public ip.

uemurad -> RE: Mx records (17.Jan.2012 9:07:14 AM)

It is correct that your A record needs to change, but the public DNS must point to a public IP address. There is no way for my outbound mail to reach a private address.

Do this - start NSLookup and execute the command "server".
That is one of the root DNS servers. Then execute the command "set type=mx". Finally, type in your domain name. What you see is the public DNS information for your domain, and that is the information that needs to change when you switch ISPs.

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