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frankkahle -> Ensure only one SMTP (Internet) mail (18.Jan.2012 4:18:47 PM)

Hi there, have 2 exchange 2003 servers ATT and ALB, we want that all internet mail only goes out ATT, how can I configure ALB to make sure it sends its internet mail through ATT. 


uemurad -> RE: Ensure only one SMTP (Internet) mail (18.Jan.2012 5:52:29 PM)

Create a Routing Group and make both servers members of it. That allows mail to flow between the two.

Create an SMTP connector in the Routing Group that sends mail to the Internet (either via Smarthost or having it use DNS for resolution). Name ATT as the only bridgehead server for that Connector. That will force ALB to look for another way out, in this case through ATT because of the Routing Group membership.

frankkahle -> RE: Ensure only one SMTP (Internet) mail (19.Jan.2012 11:40:18 AM)

Thanks very much for that, I did have it backwards, ALB is our main server, but that is easy enough to figure out.

So we do have a 'first routing group' which ALB is the master and ATT is a member.  In the routing group there is a Internet Mail connector. Both ATT and ALB are listed as local bridgeheads.  So do I understand that all we have to do is remove ATT as a bridgehead and all mail will start flowing through ALB?

uemurad -> RE: Ensure only one SMTP (Internet) mail (19.Jan.2012 3:54:49 PM)

Correct. Your Internet Mail connector allows "First Routing Group" to send outbound mail to the Internet. Whichever servers are listed as bridgeheads are allowed to use the connector.

If a server in the Routing Group has no direct route to its destination, the Routing Engine determines the "least cost route" and tries that first. A routing configuration can be simple, or very complex. Your configuration is relatively simple.

As mentioned before, every server in a Routing Group may freely communicate with every other server in the same RG.

By removing ATT from being a bridgehead, the Routing Engine will understand that ATT can send to ALB which can then send to the Internet.

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