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tn.zaw -> SSL certificate with Multiple SMTP domains (31.Jan.2012 8:48:19 AM)

Hi All,
Does any body know how to input two different SSL certificates for Exchange 2007 server hosting two different SMTP domain? eg. * and *


Hansy123 -> RE: SSL certificate with Multiple SMTP domains (25.Jul.2012 3:51:09 AM)

A Wildcard SSL certificate (* will secure all first-level subdomains of a particular domain. This could work to secure your Exchange 2007 server, but it is not reccomened for these reasons:

* You wouldn't be able to access the server using the internal server name (Server01) because it is not covered by the certificate and you would receive a "name mismatch" error.
* A wildcard certificate is incompatible with POP3 and IMAP4 on Exchange 2007. See Microsoft's explanation of what certificates to use with Exchange 2007 for more information.

Click SSL -> RE: SSL certificate with Multiple SMTP domains (31.Jul.2012 8:04:15 AM)

The Wildcard SSL Certificate helps to enable SSL encryption on multiple sub-domains using a single certificate as long as the domains are control by the same organization and share the same second-level domain name. A Wildcard SSL Certificate ensures secure, graceful and convenient internet shopping.

Wildcard SSL is compatible with most of the current browsers including IE 5.01+, AOL 5+, Netscape 4.7+, Opera 7+, Safari, Mozilla 1+ and Firefox 1+. In addition, Wildcard Certificates are confirm by any servers, which supports SSL v2 or v3 technology

Any wildcard certificate for * will secure,, and any other subdomain of

amit00001 -> RE: SSL certificate with Multiple SMTP domains (9.Aug.2012 6:14:44 AM)

Instead of taking two certificate generate a request for single SAN certificate (Subject Alternative Name) with all the domain name included in it.
While generating the request include all the domain name in it and a single certificate will do the job for you.Once you get your SAN certificate it will be applicable for both your domain.

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