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cwo -> ActiveSync Outage while moving databases (4.Feb.2012 9:55:35 PM)

Today I was migrating databases from one SAN to another SAN, using the move-databasepath command.  The DB themselves moved rather quickly, and only disrupted users for 5-10 minutes while the mail store was offline.

However, I found that the CA servers would cease trying to contact the mail server during this time.
EventID: 1016
Exchange ActiveSync has encountered repeated failures when it tries to access data on Mailbox server [mailboxserver]. Exchange ActiveSync will temporarily stop making Exchange ActiveSync requests to the Mailbox server.

Are there any settings I can tweak to decrease the sensitivity of Activesync?  These servers are older, and are going to be replaced soon, but if migrating knocks out access to all users on the server, I would like to come up with an alternate plan.

Thanks in advance.

Ytsejamer1 -> RE: ActiveSync Outage while moving databases (7.Feb.2012 3:48:55 PM)

Is your CAS in a different site? I've taken databases offline for awhile and started them back up. OWA would respond within the next replication cycle between our public CAS and the "backend" mailboxes in the home site. I have three mailbox databases on a couple of my servers and when I took one DB offline, the other's continued working as normal. There was no outage for users who's mailbox lives in a db that remained online.

Active-Sync obviously won't work when you have the mailbox database(s) matter what.

cwo -> RE: ActiveSync Outage while moving databases (7.Feb.2012 3:57:04 PM)

CAS is in the same site, but on dedicated servers.

I expected that an offline mailstore would not work.  What I did not expect was for the CAS to back-off communicating with the MB role server and thus break connections for all mailboxes hosted on the MB role, regardless of store status.

And yes, OWA operated as expected.  the offline mailstore told the user their mailbox was unavailable until the mailstore was back online.

Am I understanding your post correctly that when you take the DB offline for a period of time, all Active-Sync users on that MB role server were affected ?

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