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backdoor -> Static Ports + loadbalancer (9.Feb.2012 2:44:57 AM)

After you could help me about my “disk-design” I’ve got one more question
After I read the article about the “Configure Static RPC Ports on an Exchange 2010 Client Access Server” I’m not sure about my configuration of the Hardware Load balancer. I will use Cisco balancer CSS 11501.
Must I set there some static port forwarding as well as descript in the article above?

I’m a bit doubtful because in this article

Hendrik describes a configuration of a Kemp HLB and he set the 3 Ports (135; 55000; 55001) forwarded to the CAS Server.
Is that for Cisco HLB as well??

jveldh -> RE: Static Ports + loadbalancer (1.Mar.2012 8:21:22 AM)


Well it depends on the way your load balancer is configured. If it is configured in 2-armed it won't be necessary but it may help troubleshooting specific issues.

If you configured it one armed you should configure it using the static ports and described in the Wiki.


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