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BisherSH -> Backup Audit Files (9.Feb.2012 7:57:44 AM)

Good day ,

How can i backup Audit Logs files ?
i cant find file location !

kindly advice

Regards. -> RE: Backup Audit Files (9.Feb.2012 8:05:39 AM)

Audit log files?
What audit logs?

BisherSH -> RE: Backup Audit Files (9.Feb.2012 9:20:13 AM)

Yes ,All Audit Log Files .
like Mailbox Access and Administrators Audit .

Logs age is 90 days by default , i dont want to change it . i just need to take a backup every 3 monts .

Thanx -> RE: Backup Audit Files (9.Feb.2012 9:27:23 AM)

Well that's a Windows thing, not Exchange.
You can manually right click and save the logs or you can use a package to send the log on a regular basis to a centralized location.

BisherSH -> RE: Backup Audit Files (9.Feb.2012 9:31:15 AM)

In exchange 2007 , Audit logs can be found in the eventviewer under Exchange Audit .
in exchange 2010 , there is no Exchange Audit in the eventviewer.

Audit logs can be viewed using Exchange control panel , Roles and Auditing.

BisherSH -> RE: Backup Audit Files (9.Feb.2012 9:44:30 AM)

Oops ! , i found it under MSExchange Managment xD ! ...
many thanx guys :) -> RE: Backup Audit Files (9.Feb.2012 9:47:38 AM)

Ahhhhh, those logs!
Now I see.
Glad you found what you needed.

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