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bewithme -> Restore DC and Exchange server 2003 (9.Feb.2012 11:06:43 AM)

I have een windows 2003 domein controller with Exchange 2003 installed, but a few days ago the AD is locked because somebody did placed back snapshot restore. This is not a AD aware backup.
So AD is not accepting changes anymore because of the snapshot restore. The USN nr's are out of sync with the other 2 dc's. The other 2 dc's are runnning fine. I need to know the exact steps for the non authorative restore with Exchange installed on the dc wich is out of sync. Is it neccesary to move the all public folders en mailboxen before the non authorative restore? What are know Exchange issue's if I do a non authorative restore for this dc with Exchange installed on this same domain controller? Can I safely migrate the public folder en mailboxen after the non authorative restore?
I already rehomed some roles in Exchange. Is it necessary to move all system folders to another public folder store?

de.blackman -> RE: Restore DC and Exchange server 2003 (9.Feb.2012 11:33:08 AM)

How confident are you that the remaining domain controllers are running fine?

Actually this may be a blessing because Microsoft does NOT recommend installing Exchange on a domain controller! My recommendation is to do the following:
  1. Copy your Exchange databases and log files to another server\location
  2. Turn off the Exchange\DC server
  3. Manually clean out entries of the DC from active directory (using NTDSUTIL)
  4. Reset the computer account for this server in AD
  5. Format the server and reinstall it with the SAME OS, SAME SP LEVEL,SAME DRIVE CONFIGURATION (basically identical) but do NOT make it a domain controller!
  6. Run Exchange setup using the DisasterRecovery switch
  7. Copy the exchange databases\logs back to their location on the server and you should be good to go!

bewithme -> RE: Restore DC and Exchange server 2003 (10.Feb.2012 8:53:53 AM)

Thanks for your answer so far, your path to restore is definitely a safe way to restore Exchange. But we have valid Veritas Backup Exec back-ups for this dc with exchange installed on it.

So this weekend, starting this evening, will try a non-authorative restore. Below

1) First we make different full backup of all related servers, that is Exchange server and all DC's. This is with backup exec an NT backup and a offline Exchange snaphot.
2) We rehome all Exchange features to a another Exchange server (which is not a dc)like offline addres book generation, routing group master, schedule free busy etc
4) Change boot.ini of the dc, restart in DSRepair mode. Then I am still able to login through RDP.
5)Restore the system state and ntds dir of the domain controller with Veritas back-up
6)Remove changes in boot.ini, restart the dc, AD should then run fine and sync with the other 2 dc's.
7) If the dc is in sync with the other dc's we can start remove all the users mailboxen en all public folders, inclusief the system public folders.
8) Then we remove Exchange from the dc.

Do you see in any major problems in this scenario?

bewithme -> RE: Restore DC and Exchange server 2003 (13.Feb.2012 4:19:39 AM)

This weekend we succesfully restore the system state of the dc (with exchange) and after the reboot, it just was working fine with the other dc's.
Also Exchange was running fine without problems.
We move all the mailboxen, now we have a few days of silence, before we deinstall Exchange from the dc.

johndempsey -> RE: Restore DC and Exchange server 2003 (29.Mar.2012 5:32:34 AM) reconstructs crashed exchange folders, messages and rest items are damaged by power shortages or surges, physical damage and incorrect user's actions. Utility doesn't change original corrupted exchange file during repairing, it creates the copy and restores it. You can try to use demo

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