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MichaelCaditz -> DAG subnets (9.Feb.2012 4:02:53 PM)

I have one DAG between three AD sites, with two nodes at each site and with a witness server at Site A. The DAG has a MAPI and a separate rep network.

I am realizing this a poor design , in that if either Site B or Site C loses its wWAN link, and is thus cut off from the other two sites, it loses quorum and databases dismount.

So I want to add additional DAGs so each site retains quorum in the DAG with its active database, even if it loses WAN.

My question is: Can multiple DAGs share the same MAPI amd Replication subnets, or do I need to create unique subnets utilizing separate network adapters for each DAG?

In other words, if a particular box was a member of two DAGs and each DAG had a MAPI and Relication network, would I need two network cards, or four network cards on that box?

de.blackman -> RE: DAG subnets (10.Feb.2012 8:58:12 AM)

I do not see any reason why different DAGs cannot share the same networks. It sounds do-able in theory but one thing you mentioned is having a particular box being a member of two DAGs - that is not possible! A server can only be a member of one DAG.

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