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jon_ak -> Licensing (9.Feb.2012 9:13:38 PM)

i hope i'm not off topic but i've looked around for an answer to this with no avail. question: i am evaluating for our company a 2010 lab install. we do have a need to fill with a mail enabled contact. does microsoft require a cal for this or just for those users with a mailbox? -> RE: Licensing (9.Feb.2012 9:44:28 PM)

A mail enabled contact doesn't have either a mailbox or even an AD account so, whilst you should never ask licensing questions in "opinion" advice forums, it a categorical no; you do not need CALs for contacts or even mail enabled AD accounts.

jon_ak -> RE: Licensing (10.Feb.2012 12:04:38 PM)

Thank you for the clarification, appreciate the fact I finally received a definitive answer.

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