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jdub -> Large priv1.edb and priv1.stm (13.Feb.2012 5:41:43 PM)

I inherited a new Exchange 2003 SP2 on SBS 2003 environment and noticed that the priv1.edb is 26.5GB and priv1.stm file is nearly 50GB!

I need immediate recommendations as to reducing the size of these files. I have checked and it appears that mailbox maintenance is enabled and functioning on the server. I have disabled all inactive AD accounts and deleted their mailboxes.

Any further recommendations on how to get these files reduced in size and under control would be greatly appreciated.

jdub -> RE: Large priv1.edb and priv1.stm (13.Feb.2012 5:53:50 PM)

Event ID 1221 only showed 10MB of whitespace. So I guess I'll just leave it alone for now.

jdub -> RE: Large priv1.edb and priv1.stm (13.Feb.2012 6:17:55 PM)

Well it is already over the 75GB limit if I add the files all up. When you refer to housecleaning process, do you mean the "Mailbox Management" process within the Server properties because that is currently set to Never Run. The Mailbox Store properties Database maintenance interval is set to run nightly and has been.

jdub -> RE: Large priv1.edb and priv1.stm (14.Feb.2012 8:24:46 AM)

Thanks Neko! I don't see those event log entries yet. So what can I do from the user side of things? Implement auto-archiving for my users with largest mailboxes to pull some of their old emails out of exchange and free up space?

jdub -> RE: Large priv1.edb and priv1.stm (14.Feb.2012 9:36:15 AM)

Thanks again Neko! That last 1221 free space was for the Public Folders, I have over 8.8GB of free space on the mailbox store so I wasn't as close as I thought but still need to monitor this going forward.

jmcgilvary -> RE: Large priv1.edb and priv1.stm (2.Apr.2012 8:05:18 AM)

I am at 95GB on my private store, and only 12GB free drive space, so an offline defrag is not likely to help.
I am wondering, I have users who are part of a group that get large attachments, and keep the (we have OST's) for a long while, (Construction, and 2 years past the building completion)
Is it possible to create a 2nd store via a new group, and move my big users to that store?
Will that allow me to split the edb (kinda sort) into two separate ones, with larger users in one, and everyone else in a different?
The large users are 30% of my users, but use 50% of the space, so that redistribution would be good, IF the splitting the edb is something that works?
Thanks for fixing my thinking where ever it is wrong here ;)

uemurad -> RE: Large priv1.edb and priv1.stm (2.Apr.2012 8:15:36 AM)

The biggest issue is this - the Standard Edition of Exchange only allows you to have a single Mailbox Store, with a maximum of 72GB.

The Enterprise Edition of Exchange allows you to have up to 4 Storage Groups, each of which can have up to 5 Mailbox Stores of unlimited size (only the Windows file size limit applies).

So, it would appear from your description that you are running the Standard Edition. If true, the only way to create a second Mailbox Store is to build a second Exchange server.

sentluis31 -> RE: Large priv1.edb and priv1.stm (20.Apr.2016 5:56:39 AM)

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