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maw81maw -> Redirect OWA site (14.Feb.2012 6:17:20 AM)

Hi to all,
i need a suggest to configure a redirect for OWA website.
exchange 2007 (2mbox, 2 cashub, 2ISA2006)
On ISA i have a SAN certificate and the ISA array are not in domain.
2 rules for owa access, 1 for internal access and 2 for external access.
rule 1:
from LAN(internal range IP) to webfarm, https, 2 external URL, applied to all useres, basic autentication
rule 2:
from external to webfarm, https, 2 external URL, applied to a AD group, basic autentication
HTTPS, HTML form authentication

With this method i can differentiate the access from external, internal by means of AD groups.

Now we need use 2 pubblic URL and that point to the same internal owa site.
In the rule i have added in "pubblic name" tab, on owa rules, two URL( and and on cashub server i had set a for external access.

The user from internal receive this error:

Someone know why or it's possible create a rule that redirect the browser from to ??
Thanks in advance.

Gulab -> RE: Redirect OWA site (14.Feb.2012 6:43:15 AM)

You don't create Rule for OWA redirection. You set redirection on OWA in IIS.

You getting that error after entering the credentials?

maw81maw -> RE: Redirect OWA site (14.Feb.2012 6:48:11 AM)

Hi Gulab and thanks for your reply.
Yes, the error appear after login.

How i can set a redirect in IIS if ISA forward the same request (from domA and domB) to a unique website on cashub server?


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