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Andualem -> MS Exchange HA (25.Feb.2012 6:04:47 AM)

Hi All[image][/image]

I am system admin in a new telecom company, currently we have Two HUB/CAS and Two MB servers. We are running exchange server 2010. DAG is configured on the two MB servers as active active database by dividing our users in to two.
Currently we have only 100 users and one site only but our business requirement is forcing us to have multiple multiple branches with 40-60 users per site. Each site will have dedicated E1 connection.
Please i need your humble best practice recommendation on  how shall we design the ms exchange and AD environment.

Thanks in advance.

matt.john -> RE: MS Exchange HA (24.Mar.2012 3:38:53 PM)

Is MSCS still needed to have an increased level of HA regarding MS exchange? Maybe there are other best practices

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