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mark@greatlittlebox -> Exchange holding messages from being delivered (27.Feb.2012 1:39:16 PM)

Hi Everyone,

Looking for a bit of insight on an issue that just popped up with my exchange 2007 system. Up until a few days ago i've never had any issues with my system.

Suddenly exchange seems to be holding message delivery from outside my organization to internal mailboxes and the only way to make it release the messages so they get delivered is to restart exchange services. When i look at the anitspam log it says that the messages get rejected by content filtering because of TIME:TimeBasedFeatures.  But then once I restart the services they all come through.....I looked up this code on Microsofts website and it says that message is when it takes a long amount of time between two email servers to send a message...I checked the servers date/time and all is good there.

I also tried turning off all my antispam filters and content filtering, sent a test messages and it still didnt work. My exchange server is up to date so im not sure why this is happening. To my knowledge nothing has been changed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


jveldh -> RE: Exchange holding messages from being delivered (16.Mar.2012 8:19:20 AM)


It looks like backpressure which occurs. Did you check the event logs of your server to see if backpressure will be enabled?


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