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zepol -> Outlook cannot send/receive email when outside the network (29.Feb.2012 4:52:10 PM)


I am having a problem. I am taking over for an Admin that left the company, and was not given any settings or any information on how things are setup. I have figured out most of the settings, but I was wondering if someone can offer me some help. I have users that are mobile, and jump on random wifi networks to check their email with Outlook 2007. Internally email works, when they are external it doesn't work.

Here is more background, some of these computers were on the domain, some were not, and all worked externally with outlook. The ones that were not on the domain I have put on the domain, and now when logged into the domain do not work. When you logon under the local PC account it does work. So, I think it is a user specific setting that I am missing.

Here is everything that I have done:

Installed the certificate. The previous Admin had the certificates installed under the local user, not the local computer, so I tried the computer account, and it did not work. Tried Local account, did not work. Certificates are under the local users currently.

Added the server's internal and external IP's to the hosts file under system32\drivers\etc.

In Outlook I added Outlook Anywhere, and the Exchange proxy settings from a known working user. I also compared all of the exchange settings and made them match a know working user's settings.

Can someone please tell me what I am missing? We have XP SP3 machines, and SBS 2003 server. It has to be some user specific setting that I am missing. I would greatly appreciate any help, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

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