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eclipse124 -> Forwarding multiple messages from owa (5.Mar.2012 1:36:48 PM)

Neither internal or external owa users can select and forward multiple messages. If one message is selected the forward and forward as attachment are available but if two or more are selected both forwarding options are not listed when right clicking. I have checked the owa policies and premieum is enabled, "Use blind and low vision experience" is unchecked and "Use light version of Outlook Web App" is not selected. Is the option to forward multiple messages not avaiable in Exchange 2010 OWA?

jchaven -> RE: Forwarding multiple messages from owa (6.Mar.2012 5:35:25 PM)

You can start a new message, then select the emails you want to forward (check the checkboxes), then drag them off the main window to the window of the new message. While over the body of the new message let go out the mouse button and all will be attached to the new message.

Admittedly, not the ideal solution but, one that does work.


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