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TheProf -> Single or multi DAG setup (27.Mar.2012 11:03:48 AM)

Hey guys,

I've been visiting these forums for quite some time now and decided to finally sign up. I would like to get some of your opinion on using one ore multi DAG setup. When would you guys recommend to use more than one DAG?

Presently I am working on a design with 2 sites or 3 sites... if I go with two sites, I am looking to do 1 DAG, if I go with three sites, I was thinking of using three DAGs. I can make three sites work with one DAG, but I know that if two sites lose network connectivity and a split brain occurs then I would probably lose all sites until I start removing members from the DAG cluster. Btw I would have 2MBX servers in each site for a total of 6MBX server in all three sites. I could probably use more than one FSW that might help... but anyways just wanted your opinion.


clementrosario -> RE: Single or multi DAG setup (29.Mar.2012 6:30:02 AM)

Hi Andrey,

With a single DAG you lose connectivity between sites, Network failure between sites will not be able to find Quorum for Cluster.

Going with Multi DAG is recommended. Which helps you in Server based and Site based redundancy.

TheProf -> RE: Single or multi DAG setup (29.Mar.2012 10:14:29 AM)

Hi Clement,

Thanks for your reply... I did some more research and you're right, it seems that in an Active/Active environment, it looks like more than one DAG will be required.


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