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scott.mcgrath -> Putting DAG member into Maintenance (29.Mar.2012 6:12:42 AM)

Hi all,

I've done a lot of reading on this but thought I'd post it here.

We have a couple of DAG members with predictive failures on disks and I'm tasked with devising a procedure to get these replaced by the guys who look after that sort of thing.

Seems pretty easy as we're running E2K10 SP1 and have access to the nice little maintenance scripts that Microsoft has given us.

Just wondered if anyone has had any experience with this and how it went.

Procedure is very basically as follows.

Run StartDagServerMaintenance.ps1
If that's succeeds, let the Hardware guys fix the server
Run StopDagServerMaintenance.ps1 to get it back in the DAG
Run RedistributeActiveDatabases.ps1 to let it redistribute (although we do have a Database map so may do this manually).

I've not included the removing mount points and the Windows bits between as that's not relevant to this post but the disk replacement is handled.

Any comments appreciated. Thanks in advance.

themaster1700 -> RE: Putting DAG member into Maintenance (7.Apr.2012 4:03:58 PM)

Hi Scott, I have used the scripts and just shut a member down without running the scipts, I have run the redistribute scipts afterwards and manually moved the DB's and it all runs sweetly never had a problem with DAGs at all

scott.mcgrath -> RE: Putting DAG member into Maintenance (11.Apr.2012 3:22:51 PM)

Thanks themaster1700

Yeah we've used them now and they seem to work pretty well.

We've got 14 MB Servers with 6 live DB's on each and I can't remember how many copies.

And it handles that pretty well.

Thanks for the reply.

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