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docmilligan -> IronPort and Edge Transport (29.Mar.2012 10:28:41 AM)

I accidentally posted this to the 2010 forum so am reposting it here.

We have recently upgraded to Exchange 2007 SP3 from 2003. We currently use Ironports as our email gateway. We've found that often when our corporate office sends email to numerous recipients within OUR Exchange Enterprise (our corporate office is a totally different domain, etc)....we get numerous rejects from our exchange server. We get a message stating the email was bounced by our exchange server due to a ('554', [Format restriction violation.])...we've had tickets opened with Cisco and Microsoft both and they are pointing fingers at each other...SO...When the Ironports get the email, though it recognizes it as one email it separates it into separate emails, one for each recipient...I am wondering if perhaps the Ironport is malforming some of the emails somewhere...SO...since Microsoft and Cisco are saying the other is at fault,

What I am considering doing is standing up an Edge Transport server and seeing if the problem remains. My concern is, if I stand the server up and get the EdgeSubscription functioning and mail flowing only to find it doesn't correct the it a fairly simple process to backtrack, getting rid of the EdgeTransport and going back to the Ironports as a gateway. Personally, I'd probably rather just stick with the EdgeTranport since it would be an all windows/exchange environment and for me, a bit easier to troubleshoot. Besides, we have less than 200 mailboxes in our environment, seems like ironports are overkill if the EdgeTransport along with something like Symantec Mail Security for MSExchange could pretty much do the same thing.


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