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samclarke669 -> Adding a New Domain into Exchange 2007 (3.Apr.2012 2:50:42 AM)

Hello all,

I know this question has been asked before, but i've tried to follow the steps and i'm still a bit stumped!

We have a domain registered at 123 reg which we want to add in to our exchange server. I have added an A record and an MX record pointing to the IP our firewall allows SMTP connections through. (I should add here, the chap who initially set this all up is no longer with the company, and i have a fairly decent knowledge of IT but this is something i've never done before) On Exchange i have added the domain in question to the list of accepted domains as an accepted domain and set as authoritative. My question is, what do i need to do now? I'm fairly sure i'm almost there, but i want to make sure there's nothing i'm missing. I've been reading about email address policies but i'm not sure how to go about adding one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


samclarke669 -> RE: Adding a New Domain into Exchange 2007 (3.Apr.2012 4:31:08 AM)

Ok, thereís been a slight development, but Iíve now hit another hurdle, Iíll try to explain the best I can!
In the Exchange recipient config screen, we have a list of all our users, letís take this as an example, we have me, Sam Clarke, which is When I go in to the properties and into email addresses, I see a list of all the addresses I get sent to, IE @ourdomain1, ourdomain2 plus the primary, and now, since Iíve added into the email address policy, itís appearing in there Ė great, I thought. I Sent an email from my Hotmail account to and low and behold; it worked! But when I reply, it comes from BUT there is another issue. Some users have 2 accounts in exchange/AD, letís say for arguments sake itís called Sam Clarke Second Business, and when I go into properties on that account it has an email address of, which is how I believe my bosses want the set up, so I set up an account which was Sam Clarke Secondary Domain, and went about setting up a mailbox. Under mailbox settings, itís asking me to browse for a policy, now, under the policy section on Exchange I can see two policies, one which has everything in it, and one with just the primary @ourdomain in, so judging by the other users, I want to select that, then add in and weíre away, but when I go to browse for a policy, it says ďno objects selectedĒ but I went through anyway and added the new user. All seemed ok, but it seemed to default to having @ourdomain1, 2, 3, ect plus the secondary domain, BUT when I tried to delete them, they come back when I press reply!

I hope this makes sense to someone
Thanks in advance

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