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tnewton -> Exchange Recovery: errors after errors... (16.Apr.2012 3:40:25 PM)


Allow me to give you a quick scenario. We have 3 Exchange servers, 2 in our primary site (Exchange1, Exchange2) and one in a secondary site (Exchange3).

Exchange3 has unfortunately bit the dust and is done. If I boot it in normal mode, network connections fail, Internet Explorer won't even open, it's a mess. In Safe Mode, I have network connections and everything works as it should.

So doing some reading (specifically:, I figured this would be cake (mistake #1). So I rebuild an identical virtual server, get all the prereqs installed and start the install process using the Setup /m:RecoverServer

Naturally, it fails complaining the version of Exchange doesn't match. So I download Exchange 2010 SP2 (mistake #2) and in that folder run the same command. Well, now I'm stuck. It installed but didn't install everything (go figure...).

[04/16/2012 18:47:26.0030] [2] [ERROR] Unexpected Error
[04/16/2012 18:47:26.0030] [2] [ERROR] Service 'MSExchangeADTopology' failed to reach status 'Running' on this server.

What can I do? I'm willing to blow this mess away and start fresh again.

Also, how do I recover the Exchange database that was on the old server? Can I import it to Exchange2 or Exchange1 and start it up?

I'm an Exchange server novice so any help is greatly appreciated.

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