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billeuze -> Search indexing not working (16.Apr.2012 4:37:39 PM)

On a new install of Exchange 2007 on Server 2003 R2 x64, I moved all mailboxes over from our old Exchange 2007 server built on Server 2008 (which will be removed from the domain shortly).

Everything works except search. Users searching mailboxes get no results. I found if I run ResetSearchIndex.ps1 then search works for a short while - for 7 minutes exactly. It takes 7 minutes for crawl through all mailboxes and as soon as the 'Number of Mailboxes Left to Crawl' reaches 0 and 'Full Crawl Mode Status' reaches 0 then again users search does not work.

For now, I am using task scheduler to run ResetSearchIndex.ps1 -force -all every 7 minutes. This way search works for all users all the time. It also means the server is contuously rebuilding the index and is almost continuously at 100% CPU use. This is obviously a temporary workaround. But I haven't found any way to fix it properly. Any suggestionhs would be appreciated.

Another symptom is that the catalogue does not grow (if I stop the continual resetSearchIndexing). The catalogue folder is 156 KB and it just doesn't get bigger. But the catalogue on the old server (which used to host the exact same mailboxes) is 2GB.

What can I check to find out why the catalogue is not growing , not working and then how to make it work?

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