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kathir -> DAG With secondary witness server (17.Apr.2012 3:01:48 AM)

Dear All,

I have 2 mailbox server & 2 ClientAccess & HUB Transport Server. i placed one MBX & CASHUB Server in one location and Other 2 i placed in second location. two location connected with Point2point line. i created same subnet in both locations. i created DAG and added MBX servers as DAG Member and witness server is CASHUB1. now my first location is down outlook is showing trying to connect. the database is not mounting in second MBX Server because witness server one DAG members are failed. if i create secondary witness server its possible to mount automatically the database in second server. how i will create secondary witness server?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


rytmehans -> RE: DAG With secondary witness server (19.Apr.2012 6:56:54 AM)


You use the set-databaseavailability group to specify the alternate witness server - see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd297934.aspx

If you do that and manage to get the databases online be very carefull when the primary datacenter comes online again.

If you have not configured DAC (datacenter activation coordination) you risk split brain if the servers come online before the network is ready.

Do not start the primary exchange server before there is network connectivity between the datacenters.

kathir -> RE: DAG With secondary witness server (5.May2012 1:02:50 AM)

Dear rytmehans,

now i configured Secondary Witness server and i activated DAC. even the primary datacenter goes down the secondary datacenter (MBX02)is not mounting the databases. it will mount automatically or i need to mount manually.
and also the secondary witness directory is not created in secondary witness server.


rytmehans -> RE: DAG With secondary witness server (8.May2012 6:49:16 AM)


The secondary witness server will not be used automatically - and therefore the databases won't mount if the primary datacenter goes away.
You will need to manuall activate the secondary datacenter. Process is described here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd351049.aspx

The FSW folder won't actually be created untill needed

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