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vannyx -> dag lost connection issue (26.Apr.2012 12:10:41 AM)

i have a 2 member exchange 2010 dag
one on the east coast the other in europe
now we just set this up so we didnt do database replication copies yet just active copies at each site.

one sit contains its DB and the other site has its own. they each have users to service.

now we wanted to do that dag because if one server goes down we can service the users of that server on the other.

But we are already experiencing problems. The witness server is in europe and at times our IPsec connection doesnt go down but the exchange server in the US registers that it cant contact the witness or the other exchange server ( the other server can contact the witness fine.)

when this happens users in the US loose access to the database for about 5 minutes , sometimes less.

is their away i can force those databases in the US to stay online and manually control a failover ?


jveldh -> RE: dag lost connection issue (11.Jun.2012 9:09:16 AM)


No that's the way a DAG works. The site which has quorum will stay online and thus databases will be moved to Europe because this site also contains the witness share.

If this wasn't implemented a split-brain situation could occur will result in data being lost. So it would be better to investigate why the link goes down.

Another option would be to add some additional servers and create two seperate DAGS one for each continent.

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