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dding0919 -> retention policy and litigation hold (2.Jun.2012 10:45:16 AM)

exchang 2010 sp2. Testing retention policy and litigation hold. I set a mailbox with litigation hold and also applied retention policy to delete emails older thatn 180 day from Inbox, Sent items and Delete items. Here are my problems.

1. I manaully ran MFA against the mailbox and all emails older than 180 days were deleted except those under deleted items. They are not in the Recovable Folder. I guess because I set to delete permanently. I thought Litigation hold will suspend all retention policies so the old mails shouldn't be deleted. The Litigation hold was set several days ago.

2. How the MFA works as its schedule? I think after sp1 there is no more schedule. But I waited a couple days but didn't see the same result as mentioned above. if it ran I should see that result too, correct?


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