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rijukl -> Crosssite DAG configuration (10.Jul.2012 7:32:20 AM)

SiteA - MBX1, MBX2, Witness, CAS1, CAS2 - currently exists
SiteB - MBX3, MBX4, alternatewitness, CAS3 - proposed DR site
I have a single network tunnel between SiteA and Site B

I have not planned separate MAPI and Replication network in SiteA and SiteB and also between the sites. The email density is less and I don't see any reason to maintain separate networks as well.
and as far as I understand, this is not a requirement for DAG as well.

What are the steps required to add the SiteB servers to the DAG?

All servers have full connectivity to each other.

I have added an IP from the SiteB subnet to the DAG, added the subnet to the DAG replication network which shows up as unknown. Now when I try to add the SiteB servers to the DAG, it complaints "network path not found"

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