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martin.kemp -> Adding HA into existing environment (19.Jul.2012 9:34:08 AM)

Hi All

I've read a lot of articles about adding in additional servers for a HA setup however I have some questions

I currently have a single Exchange 2010 SP1 (Dual Opteron Tyan) in hosted mode with all roles installed and I'm looking to add extra redundancy into the configuration. Ideally I want to add an additional server (Poweredge1950) and then add an additional 1950 and retire the Tyan.

I'd like to have all the roles installed on both servers and either do an Active/Passive failover or an Active/Active load balance. I read somewhere that this is not possible with Microsoft NLB with CAS??

I'd also like to have little if any downtime if possible.

If anyone could point me in the right direction or has done similar that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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