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canker -> SPAM (10.Aug.2012 2:20:32 AM)


I have a user that recieves some emails in Junk-email folder that should not go there.
- Using outlook online, so outlook should not be the reason.
- We have tried in owa to "dont move email to my junk email folder"


1. how to see which filter moved the message to the junk folder.
2. what is the EXACT difference between:
A. Set-Mailbox -AntispamBypassEnabled $true
B. Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Enabled:$false


erictwendell -> RE: SPAM (26.Dec.2013 12:40:22 AM)

Well people often suggest not to open the messages that comes in spam folder directly. What is the reason behind that and does this really affect our computer of mobile if that posses antivirus ??

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