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dbull -> DAG with LiveMigration (11.Aug.2012 4:24:44 AM)

Hi everyone...

I have two Exchange 2010 servers (CAS, HUB and MBX) running as virtual machines on clustered Hyper-V hosts...I read that you cannot implement DAG if the Exchange VM is part of the HA cluster? Then again, I read on some other places that as of recently this configuration IS actually supported and possible...has anyone tried this? Does it actually work? thanks in advance....

dbull -> RE: DAG with LiveMigration (11.Aug.2012 4:58:48 AM)

found the answer:


"Combining Exchange 2010 high availability solutions (database availability groups (DAGs)) with hypervisor-based clustering, high availability, or migration solutions that will move or automatically failover mailbox servers that are members of a DAG between clustered root servers, is now supported."


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