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_arman_ -> Exchange 2010 - Co-Existence (13.Aug.2012 9:35:12 PM)


We currently have a Exchange 2010 environment that we are looking to completely re-build with new hardware and I was wondering if I can get some advise pointed in the right direction as to how to perform this migration.

Current Setup: 1 Exchange MBX Server, 1 Exchange CAS/HT, 1 Exchange Edge

New Setup: 1 Exchange MBX ( 3 Databases), 1 Exchange CAS/HT/Edge)

We are looking to get rid of the Edge as it doesn't suit our environment and doesn't warrant another server.

I would like to have some guidance on the following:

1) Installation/Co-Existing of Exchange 2010 Servers

2) Migrating services from current Exchange 2010 server to the new Exchange 2010 servers

3) Migration of the current users to the new enviroment

4) Decommissioning the previous Exchange 2010 environment

5) Will BES be affected by getting a new EXCH 2010 environment running?

Thank you.

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