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hm -> How to export Accounts to another server (16.Aug.2012 1:33:10 AM)

Dear Friends,
i have Win Ser 2003 with exchange server 2007, now the database is making trouble for me.
when i am trying to restore Database in to another server its give error,
I want to export accounts data only it possible to select one by one and export in to another server...
also help me regarding account, how can export user along with passwords. if it is possible to showing in Active directory then how it will come to Exchange.

Thanks in advance

John Weber -> RE: How to export Accounts to another server (17.Aug.2012 10:04:56 AM)

I think you would have better results by moving the mailboxes from database1 to database2.

hm -> RE: How to export Accounts to another server (22.Aug.2012 4:58:57 AM)

Thanks for your reply!!!
i will try lepide exchange recovery and will update you accordingly....thanks again to all of you..
i am new on exchange so may i will ask some simple
is migration process same?????
because i want the same *.edb file in to other server after repairing,,,is it possible????
by *.pst i can get the data but i want the same user's along their data in ADS as well as Exchange.
hope you understand my point.


brucereid -> RE: How to export Accounts to another server (28.Aug.2012 6:55:56 AM)

As far as migrating from EDB is concerned, follow the given steps:
1. First create all the User mailboxes in your new Exchange server. (You can also use Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager to create mailboxes)
2. Add your corrupt EDB as source to software and the newly setup Exchange server as destination.
3. Right click on the source EDB and use “Copy all mailboxes” feature to migrate user mailboxes from old EDB to the new EDB in destination server.
4. Software will automatically map all mailboxes between old and new EDB, verify it and click ok to complete the migration process.

kevin619 -> RE: How to export Accounts to another server (5.Oct.2012 2:52:36 AM)

In case you are using DB users and you have SQL 2005, you can use special component for user transfer in Integration services. Else you need to find or create some script for that and this will be not so easy.

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