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rynwilliams -> 2010 DAG Log file (20.Aug.2012 3:58:05 AM)


We have recently implemented exchange 2010 and have a two cluster DAG, we have 6 databases running from one sever (primary) and the copies on the other (secondary).

During the migration of mailboxes we had an issue where our backup was failing and not committing and clearing down the log files.

I expanded the log file drive on the primary database server as it was almost maximum, i forgot to do it on the secondary server and all the database copies become failed as their status.

i deleted the database copies on the secondary server and can now recreate them but i have noticed that the log file drive on the secondary server is full, I have now extended it but how do i clear down the logs on the secondary server, can i just delete them?

rynwilliams -> RE: 2010 DAG Log file (22.Aug.2012 3:19:30 AM)

Anyone have any ideas what i can do to clear down the log files???

de.blackman -> RE: 2010 DAG Log file (22.Aug.2012 8:06:18 AM)

Yes you should be able to remove the secondary log files then simply update the secondary copy.

clementrosario -> RE: 2010 DAG Log file (23.Aug.2012 7:56:04 AM)

After removing a database copy, you must manually delete any database and transaction log files from the server from which the database copy is being removed.

de.blackman -> RE: 2010 DAG Log file (23.Aug.2012 7:59:19 AM)


Thank you for clarifying that :) It seems I was thinking one thing but wrote something else[8|]

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