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BenLuckman -> Restore Information store to a different server (1.Sep.2012 4:47:03 AM)

I'm faced with a difficult situation. The OS partition on my customer's SBS2003 has completely gone (RAID failed in some way I've yet to figure out)

What I have left is the original Program Files folder with Exchange in etc and the original Information Store DBs.

Since there was no system state backup, I've had to recreate the SBS installation from scratch, and as such the Exchange setup and new mailboxes. I've kept the server, Information Store and domain the same as it was previously.

Obviously, my challenge now is to get at their emails in their old information store. If there any way to get it to mount to a Restore Storage group and ex-merge out despite it being from a 'foreign' Exchange setup?

Any advice is greatly welcome.

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