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modemqueen -> Issues with DAG after upgrading to RU3 SP2 Exchange 2010 (2.Sep.2012 4:52:52 PM)

I have two mailboxes in a single DAG running in two datacenters. I have done updates and rollouts before but after this update to RU3 for sp2 I have been unable to figure out what is happening.

I upgraded one server dc2mail1 to ru3 with no problem. ( all db were running on the other data center dc1mail1 at the time. I flipped the DB over to the upgraded server dc2mail2 with no issue and mailflow is still going.

I updated DC1mail1 with no issue and everything seemed fine. I am able to move an active database back to DC1mail1 and it shows mounted and the other as healthy (DC2mail1) but no outlook client is able to access the mailbox. I get a network is down or exchange in maintenance. I place the active DB to dc2mail1 and it is fine. I have a DB that is running solo on DC1mail1 and is not replicated to DC2mail1 and that is receiving messages just fine.

I can see in the availability no servers are in maintenance and i know network is working. but why when i bring it to dc1mail1 does mail stop working..

modemqueen -> RE: Issues with DAG after upgrading to RU3 SP2 Exchange 2010 (10.Sep.2012 2:42:37 PM)

after RU3 SP2 issues with DAG failover and Active Sync with RPC http connections

our setup

two datacenters

datacenter 1 information

DC1cas array
dc1cas1 cas and hub
dc1cas2 cas and hub

dcmail1 mailbox server

datacenter 2 information

DC2cas array

dc2cas1 cas and hub
dc2cas2 cas and hub

dcmail2 mailbox server

TMG which point all owa and http active sync to Datacenter 2 cas array. DC2 internet facing cas array

up until ru3 everything was fine but after the update.. tcpip connectivity was fine but anything http or rpc related to the outlook connector to mailboxes on DC1 mailbox was not able to work.. move mailboxes to DC2 and it was just fine. activesync was working in the same scenario.

ok so i found this kb article on fixing owa after ru3 and our scenario

alrighty i did that and connections worked after putting in the reg key and disabling owa on dc1 mailboxes in dc1 could connect via vpn or outside connection with outlook after the fact.. But activesync didn't work. the mailboxes that are in dc1 cannot connect with activesync now. if it is on dc2 that part works just fine.

So I completed removed virtual directory on dc1 cas1 and cas2 thinking ok like owa disable it.. no efffect. when it comes into dc2cas it cannot find the mailbox to verify.

for failover this is not good as i may have a way to get outlook email now but i have to get active sync functioning too.. any ideas?

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