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mn9274 -> How to restore public folder (19.Sep.2012 1:08:43 PM)


Hope you guys can help me.

One of our users deleted some folders inside the public folder tree.
I tried to recover the folders using exfolders but i get a "Patially Recovered" failure. I tried to upgrade to Exchange Sp2 and newest update rollup but i am still unable to recover the deleted folders using exfolder. I have also tried to recover from outlook but it does not work.
I have now decided to restore from backup. I have looked at digiscope but think it is to expensive .
What is the easiest whay to restore these folders from backup to the online public folder database?
Is the only way to setup an extra recovey server or is it possible to use the production exchange server?
Could you recommend a cheaper alternative to lucids digiscope

Best regards


t_orb -> RE: How to restore public folder (1.Oct.2012 1:13:34 PM)

There are many exchange server recovery software available online that can help you restore public folder and recover lost data with full efficiency. You can free download here

stuartclarke -> RE: How to restore public folder (15.Oct.2012 6:39:44 AM)

To restore public folder in exchange server Lepide exchange recovery manager tool is a best one that effectively recover corrupt edb files and public folders and restore it in exchange server database. For more info visit:****.htm

zamira -> RE: How to restore public folder (18.Oct.2012 9:26:22 PM)

Sorry to hear that,there are many recovery software, you may google for it, hope you will get them back soon.

johngolden666 -> RE: How to restore public folder (20.Nov.2014 2:45:08 AM)

Try to look at the answer here:

I was rescued by it:
EDB Repair Kit
This Exchange EDB repair software is the only tool required for comprehensive, fast and cost-efficient recovery of Exchange server data after serious data corruption accidents.

For more information:

Hope this helpful.

rajesh001 -> RE: How to restore public folder (14.Jan.2015 7:47:16 AM)

Wow...too many third party software vendors...:)

You can recover PF easily from your server. Log into your PF server ( if the PF database is on seperate server) if not, you can use your Exchange server.

Download ExFolders from Microsoft site.
You need to put the extracted files in in hte Bin folder of your Excdhange Installation directory. If you installed Exchange on E drive, the path is E:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin

Launch ExFolders
From File, connect > connection type>select Public Folders> Select your Global Catalog server> and select the PF Database> click OK

When connected, you will see top Public folder>Expand
Drill down to your PF SubFolder and right click
You see the Show deleted Subfolders
Right click the deleted subfolder and then click Recover Folder
Click OK to acknowledge the Recovery succeeded message.
The recovered folder name appears as Folder_Name Recovered

If you want, you can rename the folder

Hope this helps.

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