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dave_reap -> Smartphone - verifies account - wont get mail (25.Sep.2012 6:09:30 AM)

Hi All,

I have just recently taken over looking after a new clients server. It is running sbs 2003 / exchange (sp2) - It has been fully patched.

I have changed thier set it up so that mail is delivered directly to the server all is working owa / rww etc - but the iphones are displaying the message:

"Cannot Get Mail The connection to the server failed."

I have ran through a number of guides including - checks all IIS settings are correct etc

The server passes all tests on - and rww / owa both work perfectly fine so, im pretty sure ive got that end setup correctly.

I have opened the correct ports on the router and can telnet into 443 from outside (in any case it passes the active sync test on

I have also made sure the "allow inheritable permissions from the parent to..." tickbox enabled under the user account / security / advanced in AD enabled to no avail

The iphone verifies the account details instantly and has no problem finding the server - ticks across the board. As soon as I go to the mail box I get the error message.

I have attempted to create a dummy account with no emails in it to see if it would go but error message is exactly the same.

I have tested their iphones with our server (same setup... sbs 2003 / exchange sp2) which works perfectly fine.

If anyone has any idea or can point me in a different direction I would greatly appreciate it.


dave_reap -> RE: iphone - Cannot Get Mail (25.Sep.2012 6:36:22 AM)

Update *

I have just managed to get hold of an htc desire phone running android. it does not look like it is localised to iphones. This phone does something similar to the iphone.

It verifies the account allows me to go all the way through to "finish Setup" - then I get the error "Error - Failed to create the account. Please try again later".

Again this phone also connects straight to my own personal email perfectly fine on out sbs 2003 box

dave_reap -> RE: Smartphone - verifies account - wont get mail (25.Sep.2012 8:30:06 AM)

update again - reinstalled exchange sp2, seems to be up and working now... really not sure what that did but anyway...

kevin619 -> RE: Smartphone - verifies account - wont get mail (2.Nov.2012 1:50:12 AM)

Retry for getting an activation link.

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