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RalfH -> Migration Exchange Server 5.5 to 2003; Remove the last ES5.5 from the organisation (26.Sep.2012 2:20:40 AM)


I run a migration ES5.5 to 2003. I installed the ES2003 in the organization of the 5.5.
I have already migrated all accounts, replicated all public folders and system folders, removing the replicas of ES5.5.
All users are now working with the new Exchange Server 2003.
I am now standing in front of the point of the ES5.5 the organization to be removed.
Since this point is irreversible, I would like to be safe with it.

In the System Manager of the ES2003 I can see connectors from ES5.5, which are no longer needed (Connector for cc: Mail, MS Mail Connector)
Do I need to uninstall it before, or disappear automatically after I removed ES.5 from the organization?

According to the Deployment Guide in the Exchange Server 2003 System Manager to the ADC, the object "Config_CA_SRS_ServerName" has to be replicated.
But I see only the object "Config CA_Organisation_Servername2003"
Is this the right object?

According to the deployment guide, after the ES5.5 has been removed, I have to delete with the Exchange Server 5.5 Admin Tool the existing directory replication connectors in the section configuration, unless ADNAutoDRC.
I see only ADNAutoDRC ONLY. Is that OK so?

We have some users who log on to the trusted NT4 domain, who work normally with the moved ES2003 mailboxes (keyword SID History) A move to AD application is planned with and with. During the trial shutdown of the ES5.5 there were no problems.
These users problems are expected after the ES5.5 has been removed from the organization?

There are a few minor public folders that should not have a replica on the ES5.5 more according to configuration, but still in Es2003 System Manager with number = 2 replicas and replication status "both modified" will be displayed. In ES5.5 I can see nothing in the public folder Ressources..
How this effect can occur, and what should I do?

Do I have basically anything except the correct order in the Deployment Guide?



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