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JB007 -> SAN Migration (27.Sep.2012 11:14:42 AM)

Hello everybody...
i just found this site and looks like there's a lot to lear from it, anyway here's my issue.

I, right now have a 2003 SP2 exchange server it's is a blace server with no physical hard drives attached to it...they're all in a SAN, boot partition and data partitions...the fact is that this storage has around 7 years now, we bought new SAN hardware and would like to move all the exchange data to it, question is what is the best way to perform this considering downtime the nearest to 0.

I have come up with an idea, but don't know how faro will it it is.

I will map new SAN volumes in my current server and then create new storage groups similar to the ones, but redirected to my new SAN volumes, so I will have something like this:

first storage group
first storage group-copy

Then I'll start moving mailboxes from old storage to new one, so my downtime will be most near to 0 (depending on the mailbox sizes)

Then i will create and image from the C: drive and restore it to my new san volume, next to this i will move my lade to my new chassis and re-direct all the zones, mapping and all that stuff to ensure the server can see all the drives with all the info on them and of course make the exchange work in a kind of transparent way.

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