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Flux -> HELP!!!!!! (10.Oct.2012 5:14:31 AM)

Hi Guys,

I have a really annoying and ongoing problem now and cannot find a solution...

Basically, I have a client which has two sites, one is HO and the other just a small office, lets call it SO.

HO had a power failure about a week ago and since the power came back up, no one at SO could access their e-mails via Outlook Anywhere, except for users with Outlook 2010. The remaining users who has 2007 are unable to connect. Keeps stating trying to connect. When recreating the profile, Outlook states, that the server name could not be resolved or the connection is unavailable. When trying to set that same account up with the same IP settings on the same network with Outlook 2010, all is good. I can access the OWA on all machines.

Weird thing is when I try to use basic auth instead of NTLM, it prompts for a password, but after entering it, still comes up with the same message. With NTLM, no password is even asked.

I installed SP2 on the Exchange 2010 server as well as all the roll ups available, all to no avail.

Using autodiscover, I again get a password prompt, assuming this is because it tries all methods of authenticating, but also fails after entering credentials. Strange enough, it pulls trough the correct server settings, it just fails on the 'log on to server' step. I have run MSEBPA, no issues detected. I have adjusted Authentication methods in both IIS and OWA virtual directories, but still to no avail.

Any ideas?



nancy29 -> RE: HELP!!!!!! (24.Dec.2012 7:04:30 AM)

no idea may be some higher power or experienced user from here can help on this issue

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