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BrownHornet -> OWA kills all authenticated session on logout (10.Oct.2012 2:06:53 PM)

I'm having a problem with Outlook Web Access killing all other authenticated sessions in IE when logging out. Here is what happens:

1. Log into OWA using IE.
2. Log into a another Website2 on a different tab or window
3. Do something on both web pages to verify that both function.
4. Log out of OWA.
5. I go back to Website2, try to do something and I get prompted to log back in.

I read somewhere else that OWA calls a shell command upon logout that clears all authenticated sessions. This is creating confusion for users, How do I fix this? Is there a setting in IE or group policy option that I can enable/disable to stop this from happening?

BrownHornet -> RE: OWA kills all authenticated session on logout (15.Oct.2012 8:00:31 AM)

Just in case somebody come across this issue. I did not really fix it but I found a way around it. I made a shortcut on the menu for my users that uses the -noframemerging switch and keeps the OWA session seperate. Other sites are no longer effected when I log out of OWA.

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