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HoboStabbin69 -> Intermittent Transport Issues - Queue Backing Up (15.Oct.2012 12:54:25 AM)


I am running Exchange Server 2007 Standard with SP3, Update Rollup 8-v2. This is installed on Windows Server 2003R2.

I've had intermittent mail delivery issues the past couple of weeks where all of our Exchange users e-mails are getting delayed when sending or receiving. This seems to be primarily when receiving from or sending to external address. When this occurs, the queues will fill up and after a period of between 10 minutes and 2 hours, messages will start getting delivered. This happens several times a day.

All of our mail is routed through Postini, but I do not believe the problem to be on that side. When the issues occur, I try and open up a telnet to port 25 to see if SMTP is working but I cannot connect (telnet localhost 25). This just produces a blank screen. When I am NOT having issues, I can open up a telnet to the Exchange server just fine.

I have ruled out Anti/Virus or any kind of backup services that might be affecting the server. In addition, network connectivity is just fine throughout these issues.

Does anybody have any ideas on where I can start looking to troubleshoot this? I cant seem to pinpoint any reason why this started happening (patch update, software install, etc...). Odd that port 25 just stops working and then starts again after not doing anything to it.

Thanks for any help!!!

HoboStabbin69 -> RE: Intermittent Transport Issues - Queue Backing Up (16.Oct.2012 9:15:40 PM)

I have also tried deleting the mail.que file and it is still doing the same thing. The queue builds up (no messages at all being sent) for a period, sends out all the messages, works fine for a very short period of time, then the queue starts building up again.

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