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xcapepr -> Problem with faxes in UM (8.Nov.2012 12:23:03 PM)

We have a recent issue that is messing up production. We have a Nortel M1 PBX, a Dialogic 1000 Gateway abd Exchange 2007 with the Unified Messaging role. The system has been working perfectly for pver a year but las week the faxes have stopped working correctly.

We have a dialing plan that forwards calls from the PRI on specific DIDs to the UM server that then sends the fax image in tiff format to a distribution group in exchange. The issue as follows:

The faxes arrive 50% of the time and when they don't, the email arrives to the user saying that the fax has 0 pages - incomplete. The sender gets a failed error also.

When the faxes do arrive, they are missing parts of the page. We have verified both the gateway and the PBX and appear to be working fine, leaving Exchange as the possible culprit.

Images of the issue:
How its supposed to look
How it looks as a fax

Any help would be appreciated!

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