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jgrimshaw -> Mobile Phone Management (21.Dec.2012 10:49:15 AM)


We have a user that is on off work at the moment and I need to disconnect his phone from Exchange. I go to manage mobile phone and remove the partnership but he justs adds it back in. Is there a way to prevent him as a user from being able to connect his phone to our system?

thanks in advance

nancy29 -> RE: Mobile Phone Management (24.Dec.2012 6:57:25 AM)

I found this answer on another forum see if it works

if you are using Exchange 2007 or 2010, we can use the Cloud Extender to help prevent this from happening. The Cloud Extender is a small piece of software you can install that will talk to your internal resources. We do not sit in the way of your mail and the devices will still talk to the Exchange server directly. Via the Cloud Extender you can enable the Auto-Quarantine functionality. This would create a list of all allowed devices based on the devices that are already have an activesync connection and quarantine any new device coming in. This would notify the administrator and from there you could either block or allow the device. You can also explicitly block anyone who was previously approved. This is all based on the devices and not the users, so allowing one device will not allow them all.

jgrimshaw -> RE: Mobile Phone Management (2.Jan.2013 6:29:43 AM)

Sounds like a good fix.

thanks for your help.

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