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kota_jarule -> Problem In Prepare (7.Jan.2013 4:18:04 AM)

Hey Guys
I Try To Install Exchanage 2010
When I Write This Command To Prepare AD
d:\setup /prepareAD /organizationname: BKOTA
Some Error Occurred


What Can I Do
I Have (Server 2008 R2) Itís Dc And Other (Server 2008 R2) Itís Join In Dc
Please Help

pjhutch -> RE: Problem In Prepare (7.Jan.2013 8:39:20 AM)

There are two setup programs. and Setup.exe. Use with the appropiate switches, setup.exe is for the GUI installation.

Make sure that you can extracted the files from the Exchange 2010 download on to the hard disk of the server and changed directory into the folder where is.

Open a command prompt (with elevated admin priviledges).
Then run \PrepareAD \OrganizationName:<name>

kota_jarule -> RE: Problem In Prepare (8.Jan.2013 1:37:50 AM)

thanx man

i can't solve this problem
i wrote the command


pjhutch -> RE: Problem In Prepare (8.Jan.2013 3:06:44 AM)

It looks like you need to download the Exchange 2010 SP2 files from
run the program to extract the files to hard disk and then run

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