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Kaddie00 -> Exchange mailbox moves to new Database (7.Jan.2013 8:18:01 PM)

We are low on disk space and need to create a new exchange 2007 database on the same server and move mailboxes. We currently have drive X:\ with database exchange store and drive z:\ with backup (seeded copy of database). We only have 1 very large database. Do we need to stop the replication to the seeded copy before migration. Are there any articles about this. We have a virtual server and will create another LUN for this on our SAN. Ive read articles where this can get back disk space is that really the case as it didnt work well in exchange 2003.

Jason233 -> RE: Exchange mailbox moves to new Database (2.Jun.2016 6:56:14 AM)

Before any migration, it is important to do backup first. I can suggest you with one software and that is "Ahsay backup" as i am using this software for my business use , So try it out. Many new softwares i have tries like acronis etc but i guess according to the speed i would 9/10 marks to this software. Use it.

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